Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

Wow! This year has flown by in a whirlwind, full of change, new beginnings and treasured friends and family. 

KG snow girl

Changes and New Beginnings:

Well, I obviously went RED! That has been super fun. I initially went red to pursue acting. That was the excuse anyway – apparently redheads get more jobs. I’m not sure if it has particularly helped me with jobs, but I’ve LOVED it and may not go back to anything else…whether I’m acting or not!


Acting! Though I’ve taken acting and film classes before, this year, I decided to dive in a bit more and wow was it worth it. It helped crack me open in ways I never knew possible. One of my favorite things I learned from one teacher (Clay Banks) went something like, “Every once in a while, choose to do something you know you’re going to fail at, because once you become comfortable being off balance and failing, you’ll become dangerous.” I took his advice and started actually getting addicted to feeling on the edge, not knowing if I’d fail or not. And it’s true, I’ve become much more willing to attempt things now, that I probably wouldn’t have before. One of the times I did this was for an audition for a job I thought I could totally fail really well at…but I ended up getting it and landing my first TV role (on one of those crazy courtroom drama, reality-ish TV shows…yes, one of those!). As much as I’ve LOVED acting this year, because of health and sometimes limited energy (I’m currently being treated for a bacteria similar to lyme disease), I’m setting acting temporarily on the shelf now again as I dive back into…

PhD: I’ve been “working” on this thing for about 6½ years. I’ve run into numerous roadblocks, mostly not of my own doing. Sigh… But this year, I’m pairing down, starting fresh with a new mentor (the 3rd one if you must know), a new-ish topic (the 4th if you must know that too) and gonna get as much as I can done. Graduation is set for May of 2015 (or 16…hopefully 15). The topic looks like it will be geared in the direction of a critique of current theory in the field of Child Spirituality. Feel free to ask me more if you really want to know. And FYI – fiction writing and acting, etc. are set to re-commence upon PhD completion (or…they might sneak in the cracks before then…we’ll see).

Essential Oils: As a side job, I’ve started learning about and teaching classes on the therapeutic uses of doTerra’s essential oils. These things are flippin’ amazing. A year ago, I had NO idea essential oils could help get rid of viruses, bacteria, infections, headaches, and even things like cancer. And they do so much more! I won’t go on and on here, but feel free to ask if you’d like to find out if they can help with any health issues you might be facing, or if you’d like to go to or host one of the classes. (See for more info too)

Treasured friends and family


I am SO blessed!! I got to go back to Cape Cod with my three besties over my birthday, and I couldn’t ask for better friends. I’ve also managed to hang out with them at other times throughout the year, even though only one of them lives nearby. I am RICH in friends!


And family! It’s also been a rich and wonderful time living back with my mom. We’ve been enjoying each other’s company and friendship…and staying out of each other’s hair just enough to enjoy each other even more. I love living with her. I’ve also gotten to see lots of other family across the country this year which has been fun. 

Fam Christmas pic 2013 lo-res

And my four goddaughters! They continue to be my pride and joy, and a GREAT highlight in my life. I don’t know if I’m much happier than when I’ve got all four of them around. They’re amazing young ladies who continue to grow and bless the world around them. I even got to go with one of them to Ecuador this summer! What a treat!

All in all, it’s been a rich and adventurous year full of love and the unexpected.

Merry Merry Christmas!!
May God’s JOY and LOVE be yours this Christmas season!
And may this coming New Year be one of
grace, JOY and LaUgHteR!
I’m so grateful for all of you friends and family in my life. Life would just not be so rich and joyous without all of you!

 Thank you for being in my life!
~ Karissa 

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